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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I activate my Simfonia app?

Easy! Go to the  Apple Store or Google Play Store, search the Clouditalia Simfonia app and download it to your smartphone. All you have to do is sign up with your mobile number and email, and you’ll be ready to make your first trial call free of charge.


Do I need Internet or 3G/4G access to call?

You will need internet access to download the application from Apple Store and Google Play Store. Data connection will make it faster for you to dial a number, but it will not affect the quality of the call, which is higher than VoIP services, as the call is made on the regular telephone network with TDM quality.


Why does Simfonia ask for my mobile number?

The system requires your mobile number only to ensure that the person requesting the service is you, preventing anyone else to sign up with your number. This is why it sends you an SMS to confirm.


Does this service work from abroad?

Yes, it does if you use the App (on a smartphone with an Italian SIM). However, we don’t recommend using it as you may incur roaming charges from your provider. In some cases, roaming rates for calls received from abroad are quite low. In these cases, the App could be cheaper than normal phone calls. Check the roaming rates with your provider and compare them with the Simfonia prices.


Can I receive calls on my Symphony number?

The Simfonia service does not work in reception but only for outgoing calls. As indicated on the website www.simfonia.com, the Orchestra per Simfonia number in the customer area should only be used to top up the App’s credit at the affiliated retailers or to communicate it to the people with whom you intend to share your credit, because this last must be entered by them in the App.

Which phone cards are enabled?

You can use the Simfonia App by entering the PIN of any Edicard, Happiness Plus, BestCard, and Orchestra phone card, you can purchase from lottery retailers, SisalPay, and Lottomatica shops. The credit on the card will increase the App’s credit and will no longer be usable by other phones.


How the App changes after May 2019 update?

With the update it is no longer necessary to select the product with which you want to use the Simfonia App, but each PIN will increase the App’s telephone credit.


How do I manage my account from the website once I activate the App?

You can find the login credentials to access the Simfonia website in the “Info” section in the “Other” menu.


How can I recover my password?

On the website  www.simfonia.com, to the forgotten password link.


Can I use Simfonia even if I don’t have a smartphone?

Of course! All you have to do is sign in to www.simfonia.com and access your account. This is where you can find your PIN. Call 800 066700 and follow the instructions to call both from landline and mobile.


Does the person receiving the call need to have a special device?

No, the person receiving your call can have any phone, landline or mobile.


Can I add a new number to my Simfonia phonebook?

Simfonia does not store the phonebook in another system. It simply accesses your contact list to allow you to call a number you have already stored. Therefore, to add a new contact, you will have to add it to your contact list first.


Does my device support the Simfonia App?

You can download the Simfonia application from Apple Store  and Google Play Store. Check with your reference store to see whether the application is compatible with your smartphone’s OS.


Will any service be charged to my SIM or bill?

No, we will not charge anything to your bill, as the calls are only deducted from your prepaid Simfonia credit. However, if you are abroad, you may incur roaming charges with your provider.


How do I check the costs?

If you use the Simfonia application, you can check the cost of the call by tapping on “Rate Info” or you can visit the Rates section at www.simfonia.com You can check your remaining credit at any time.


How do I top up?

There are three ways to top up: – Go to www.simfonia.com and purchase your credit (by credit card or PayPal).- Go to any SisalPay shop and ask for a Clouditalia Orchestra top-up, providing your mobile number or your “Orchestra Number for Simfonia”, which you can find on the App or in the restricted area of the website. – Go to any Lottomatica shop, ask for a Clouditalia Orchestra top-up and follow the instructions on the receipt to complete the operation. – In the SNAI / Paymat points of sale, choosing the recharge cut and communicating it to the receiver. To use the purchased credit, insert the pin in the receipt in the app that you downloaded to your smartphone. – By purchasing the Simfonia card at Esselunga stores.– In addition, you can use any Clouditalia card enabled for Simfonia, which are Edicard, Happiness Plus, and BestCard.


How can I obtain free minutes?

Easy! During the entire period of the promotion, new customers who download the App and sign up with the website will receive up to 33 minutes to try the App free of charge (the minutes available are equal to € 1 credit and are calculated on one call to China, landline and mobile, 33 minutes; Poland and Romania, landline, 28 minutes; Peru and Venezuela, landline).


How do I check how much credit I have left?

You can find the credit in home page of App or you can sign into  www.simfonia.com with your login and password.


How can I share my credit?

The numbers entered in the “Share Credit” area of your account will be able to use your credit. They can download the app to make calls, bu entering the number of the Orchestra Card for Simfonia. You can view the call log of these numbers in the call log of your account. You can revoke access to your credit at any time simply by deleting the number from the “Share Credit” section. To allow other people to use your credit from landline or mobile without the App, all you have to do is provide them with the PIN to enter by following the instructions calling free phone number 800 066 700.


How do enabled/authorised numbers work?

The numbers added into the ‘Share your credit’ section are authorised to make calls using your Simfonia credit. Add to the section your friends and family’s phone numbers, if they have a traditional mobile phone and ask them to call 800 066 700 and follow the prompts. The system will recognise their number and call it  back asking for the destination number to be called. In case they have a smartphone, ask them to open the app and enter your Orchestra Number for Simfonia (shown in ‘Your codes’ section) after choosing the Simfonia product.
If they do not have a mobile phone, tell them to call 800 066 700 and dial your PIN code  (shown in ‘Your codes’ section). Their calls will be shown into the ‘Calls Report’ section. You can deauthorise their numbers accessing the Numbers/Codes section and deleting the numbers from the list.

 Who shares the credit with a Simfonia customer can top up a new credit?

If you are sharing the credit of another Simfonia customer you cannot independently top up the App with a new credit.


How do I update the App and no longer see my remaining credit?

With the updating of the App the credits related to the various products (Edicard, Happiness Plus, Best Card, Clouditalia Orchestra, Recharge Simfonia) with which you could first use Simfonia go to accumulate in a single credit. If you do not see your credit increase, wait a few minutes and return to viewing the data in the upper right corner of the home screen.


Which are the other access numbers if I don’t use the App?

The telephone numbers enabled in your Simfonia account can call the free phone number 800 066 700 without having to enter the PIN, which, on the other hand, is required for calling from landline, mobile (not enabled), and payphone. The system hangs up and calls the customer only for calls from mobile.


How can I contact customer support?

You can contact Customer Care by filling out the contact form Link to the support page or you can call the free phone number 800 082 882 to receive information about the service.


How does the launch promotion work?

Every number can use the free credit only once. This credit does not expire. Once you sign up with the website or the App, you get € 1 free call credit. The corresponding minutes are calculated based on the destination price list.


What is Promo Africa about?

Starting from October 22nd till December 31st call Ethiopia, Nigeria and Eritrea for less! Minutes available towards these destinations have been increased using Simfonia products (Edicard, Happiness Plus e Best Card).
Visit the rates section on the homepage to verify the new minutes available. The promotion does not apply to cards purchased during the Easter and Christmas Edicard promotions until 2018.